Travel Guide to Bermuda

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Bermuda is a collection of remote islands on the Caribbean sea. There are about 180 isalands on Bermuda. It is located within proximity to Cape Hatterras in North Carolina. The coastline in Bermuda features many small bays. There are many pink corals on the beach. There is a large variety of plants and flowers in Bermuda. Originally, Juan de Bermudez discovered Bermuda. Juan de Bermudez was a sailor from Spain. Sir George Somers, an English sailor claimed the land in England’s name in the July of 1609. The island became prosperous following the colonization. If you want to travel to Bermuda, be sure to book your accommodation and flight a few weeks in advanced. Bermuda has subtropical climate.... [Read more]

Caribbean Travel – 5 Things to make your Vacation Cheaper

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Most people traveling to the Caribbean will spend most of their money on accommodations and airfare.  Even if you take a cruise it’s going to cost money to reach the port, and then you pay for the cruise itself.  When the bulk of your vacation spending goes towards these two areas, it’s really hard to enjoy other parts of the vacation. Today we want to focus on some of the options that provide a lot of “free” activities.  Keep in mind; some of them will feel free because they were already included in a package deal. #1 Cruise to the Caribbean When you take a cruise, there are usually deals that involve the airfare and the cost of the cruise.  Once you get on the ship,... [Read more]

Caribbean Travel Tips – Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic is a small Caribbean country with diverse culture. It features various kinds of culture including Caribbean, America and European cultures. Many people like to visit the Dominican Republic because it has many beaches. There are any rainforests, mountains, mangrove swamps and deserts in Dominican Republic. You can explore the place with bicycle by following the bicycle tracks. Trekkers can follow the mountain trails. Many people who love outdoor activities come to Dominican Republic. Tourists can visit the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo to explore the historical architecture. If you like music loud, you will enjoy visiting the Zona Colonial. Taxis can be hired from different... [Read more]

Best Places to Visit for Your Honeymoon

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Wondering where to bring your wife to be right after you get married? Well, you need not look somewhere else because in this article I will be providing you with information about some of the best places that you can visit for your honeymoon. Everything depends on the budget and how you want things to be. We all know that honeymoon is supposed to be a romantic moment that two married people should share. It is one of the highlights of getting married and it deserves great preparation. So if you have not yet thought about where to go then read this first so that you can have options. Your wife should be treated well and on this special day, everything should go perfectly. We do not want to ruin... [Read more]

Traveling in the Bahamas

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Bahamas is well known for its beach. There are many luxurious resorts in Bahamas. The crowd free beach is one of the features of Bahamas. Originally, it was founded by Columbus. Columbus called the Bahamas beach as Baja mar. The water at the Bahamas beach is crystal clear. The local airline in Bahamas is the Bahamas Air. Every day, there is a flight from British Airways to Nassau from the United Kingdom. If you are from the United States, you can take a flight via the Delta Airlines. American Airlines also provide flight services to Bahamas. The departure tax is about $18 if you leave from Freeport. Passengers who leave from other departure points only need to pay $15. The best time to visit... [Read more]

Caribbean Travel – What is the best location to see?

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Over there years there has been a constant debate on the best place to see in the Caribbean.  Everyone is going to have their own opinions, especially when it’s based on previous vacations.  We’ll leave the final decision up to you, but here are some areas that are considered to be some of the most beautiful. * Aruba – Considered by many as one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world, Aruba is known for its white sandy beaches on the western and southern coasts.  The civilians are friendly and reside as a Dutch nationalization. * Sint Maarten – This Dutch and English combination is considered the “antique” approach to the Caribbean.  Old shops... [Read more]

Caribbean Travel – Understanding Cruise Port Schedules in the Caribbean

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If you love to cruise, the Caribbean offers plenty of locations. Most people take cruises so they can see more locations during one trip.  In order to figure out which one you should take, it’s important to know what type of Caribbean cruise schedules are available. Here is a list of some of the ports and schedules you can reach in the Caribbean: Eastern Caribbean – Those who are about to take their first cruise usually opt for locations throughout the Eastern Caribbean.  It allows you to stay closer to the original port and still enjoy every minute of your vacation.  So, what’s to see in the Eastern Caribbean?  The ports of call and travel itinerary on Royal Caribbean would... [Read more]

Choosing a Vacation Destination: Tropical Islands

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Spectacular sunsets, golden beaches, palm fronds swaying іn thе breeze, aquamarine waters, glorious sunshine… а tropical island vacation destination саn bе аll thаt аnd more. Sо, іf уоu аrе looking fоr tips оn choosing а tropical island vacation destination, here аrе а few fоr уоu tо check оut: Thе Maldives: If taking long walks оn а serene beach, snorkeling іn blue, crystal clear waters, swimming, аnd relaxing іn thе comfort оf а luxury hut іn аn island resort аrе уоur idea оf bliss, thеn а tropical island vacation tо Maldives іѕ just thе right thing fоr уоu. Situated іn thе Indian Ocean, southwest оf India аnd Sri Lanka, thе Maldives... [Read more]

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