Travel Guide to Bermuda

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Bermuda is a collection of remote islands on the Caribbean sea. There are about 180 isalands on Bermuda. It is located within proximity to Cape Hatterras in North Carolina. The coastline in Bermuda features many small bays. There are many pink corals on the beach. There is a large variety of plants and flowers in Bermuda. Originally, Juan de Bermudez discovered Bermuda. Juan de Bermudez was a sailor from Spain. Sir George Somers, an English sailor claimed the land in England’s name in the July of 1609. The island became prosperous following the colonization. If you want to travel to Bermuda, be sure to book your accommodation and flight a few weeks in advanced.

Bermuda has subtropical climate. The temperate climate in Bermuda is caused by the warm air that flows from the Gulf Stream. Occasionally, there will be heavy showers. Usually, the rain only lasts for a short time. The summer season, which occurs from May to October, has warm weather. From July to September, the temperature will be the hottest. Very strong winds will start to blow towards Bermuda in between June to November. Sometimes, the strong winds can change into a hurricanes can cause heavy rain throughout the island. When rain storm comes, the ocean waves will rise to a tall height. Surfers often like to surf when ocean waves becomes high. You can wear lightweight cotton shirts if you plan to come to Bermuda. During cooler months, you should wear warmer clothes. You can bring along some rain gears to protect yourself from the rainy season.

To make your holiday at Bermuda unforgettable, you should visit the tourist attractions there. There are a number of tourist attractions you can visit in Bermuda. You can visit botanical gardens in Paget Parish. The botanical garden in Paget Parish exhibits a variety of flowers. Many people visit the botanical garden to view the Double Fantasy flower. Tourists can visit Fort St. Catherine. Fort St. Catherine is an ancient fortification that dates back to the 1614 A.D. You can explore the St. George historic town. St. George historic town is listed on the UNESCO world Heritage site. It was originally discovered by English settlers in 1612. Parents can bring their kids to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo is located at Hamilton Parish. You can also bring your family to the Crystal Caves in Bermuda. At Crystal Caves, you get to explore the crystalline tidal pools.

Tourists can take a ferry trip to Hamilton Harbor. You can take a cruise ship and the Somerset village. You can pay a visit to Fort Scaur. Fort Scaur is a nice place for carrying out picnicking activities. You can also carry out other types of activities at Fort Scaur including swimming. Gates Fort is another place tourists can visit. Gates Fort was originally built in 1620. It was built on the promontory that overlooks a town called Cut. From Gates Fort, you can catch a spectacular view of the sea.

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