Asia Travel Guide – Tips on Traveling in China

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China is surrounded by Russia and Mongolia. Russia is located to the north while Mongolia is located to the east. The best time to visit China is during the early autumn and spring. In the early autumn, there will be small rainfall. The temperature in the early autumn is pleasant. During spring time, the weather is pleasant as well. China is a large country so the climate varies from different regions. In the northeast part of China, the summer is dry and hot. The winter season in the northeast China is very cold, just like in the west. There is a large amount of precipitations in the southeast region. Flooding can occur in the central and southern regions. From time to time, earthquake will... [Read more]

Asia Travel Guide – Tips on Traveling in Nepal

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Nepal has many high mountains. It is well known as the abode of the Tibetan monks. The Himalayas Mountains can be found in Nepal. The monsoon rain hits Nepal from June to September. Most of the rainfall in Nepal will occur during the monsoon season. The most pleasant season will occur during spring and autumn season. In the winter season, the temperature will drop to zero and there will be snow fall. The summer months has hot temperature that ranges from 28 ºC to 40 ºC. The average temperature in the winter season is between 7 ºC to 23 ºC. The Kathmandu Valley will experience a mild climate. If you plan to visit Nepal in between June to August, you should wear lightweight clothes. If you... [Read more]

Asia Travel Guide – Tips on Traveling in India

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India is one of the largest countries in the world. It accounts for 1/6 of the population in the world. It has many fantastic landscapes such as Himalayas, Delhi and Agra. The best time to visit India depends on which region you want to visit. The weather is coolest in between November to March. The weather in India is very hot during the afternoon. If you are from a cold country, you may not be used to the dry and hot weather. The monsoon rain season is from June to October. If you plan to visit the western Himalayas, it is recommended that you visit in between March to October. The winter season in the western Himalayas is from July to August. The winter weather can be extremely cold in Gulmarg... [Read more]

Asia travel:Experience in Asia

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Be a continent full of wonders, the Asian countries and regions so fascinating to explore. There are a variety of festivals can be found in each country. One of these festivals is the Thai Fruit Festival held each May. If you plot to Asia travel, there are many places to see and peaceful holiday options to choose from. You can choose to see some sights, including clean beaches and clear in the Philippines and Thailand, Malaysia, historic temples, palaces in China, Japan and memory parks amusement parks in Hong Kong. When searching for a Asia tour package , it is reasonable to see travel agents or Internet searches. Most online travel packages are very affordable and much of it includes access... [Read more]

Asia Travel Guide – Tips on Traveling in Philippines

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Philippine experiences a warm climate throughout the year. The cold season is from November to February. Every year from July to October, the typhoon will hit Philippines. During the typhoon season, there will be severe flooding. For your own safety, you should avoid visiting Philippines in the typhoon season. The majority of the rainfalls in Manila and Palawan occur during the typhoon season. The dry season occurs from December to February. The dry season vary from different regions in the Philippines. Most tourists will visit Philippines from January to May. This is the season when no natural disasters such as typhoon and hurricane occur. Surfers who want to surf in the high waves can visit... [Read more]

South East Asia Travel Tip – Safety and Security

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In general, Indochina area is safe for travelers and tourists. Violent attacks rarely happen, but heist is a problem in Indochina area, just like what is happening in most part of this world. Don’t worry about it; here are some tips for you to take some precautions while traveling in Indochina area: Secure your valuable possessions in the hotel safe, if there isn’t one in your hotel room, the hotel front desk can provide the same service. If you use traveler’s cheque, the suggestion is to write down the cheque numbers on a piece of paper, cross out the one after you use it to make your own record. Take pictures of the information of the credit cards you are going to use while... [Read more]

Estimating Travel Costs to India

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It would seem that money is what makes every thing tick. Without it, you can’t do a lot of things, like travel overseas. If you have plans to travel to India, make sure that you have enough money to finance your travel expenses. Travel to India is made easier and affordable by the many travel agencies. They have experienced tour operators who can assist you in your travel. If you try to check out the different travel agencies to India, you can surely find a suitable tour package that is cost effective. The internet is the best way to check if you can save in your India travel. By conducting a bit of research, you can determine the best tour package offers in the market. Beforehand, you... [Read more]

Discover the Best Places to Visit in Yangon, Myanmar

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Myanmar is famously known for the country’s remarkable beauty and elegance. Thousands of travelers from around the world visit here every year to witness Myanmar’s wonderful exquisiteness. Being the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, with 678,500 square kilometers, Myanmar surely has most number of beautiful places in the world. A few days visit in this stunning Asian country is definitely rewarding journey. There are countless places in Myanmar where most travelers love to visit. Yangon, also known as Rangoon which is the country’s capital has one of the best places to visit in Myanmar. Here are some of the Yangon’s best places to visit: •    Schwedagon... [Read more]

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