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Nepal has many high mountains. It is well known as the abode of the Tibetan monks. The Himalayas Mountains can be found in Nepal. The monsoon rain hits Nepal from June to September. Most of the rainfall in Nepal will occur during the monsoon season. The most pleasant season will occur during spring and autumn season. In the winter season, the temperature will drop to zero and there will be snow fall. The summer months has hot temperature that ranges from 28 ºC to 40 ºC. The average temperature in the winter season is between 7 ºC to 23 ºC. The Kathmandu Valley will experience a mild climate. If you plan to visit Nepal in between June to August, you should wear lightweight clothes. If you want to go trekking in the mountains, you must wear high quality gear and thick clothes so that you won’t feel cold. The temperature in the mountain can reach to minus Celsius degrees so it is important that you wear many clothes.

While in Nepal, you can visit Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur, also called the Temple City has many animal paintings. You can find a large collection of animal paintings in the National Art Gallery. There are also other museums in Nepal which tourists can explore including National Woodworking Museum, Brass Museum and etc. If you like cycling, you can follow the bicycle trail in Kathmandu Valley. Bicycles can be rented at several areas in Nepal such as Bhaktapur District. In the Bhaktapur District, you will find snow covered peaks.

There are a number of festivals that tourists can celebrate in Nepal. If you want to know what festival is being celebrated by the local people, you can check the Nepal calendar. You can hire a domestic flight to get an overview of the peak of Mount Everest. The majority of the domestic airlines can offer to drive you over the Mount Everest. You can also hire flight services from Pokhara and etc. Kathmandu is well known as a cultural and commercial center. You can find lots of shopping center and tourist attraction places at Kathmandu. The Royal Palace can be found in the province of Kathmandu. Nepal also provides river rafting services. You can hire a boat at Phewa Tal and row out the boat across the lake at Pokhara Valley.

Tourists can explore the oldest park in Nepal, Ryal Chitwan National Park. Royal Chitwan National Park features a variety of animals such as elephant, Bengal tigers and etc. If you want to go shopping, you can visit Bodnath Stupa to learn about the bazaar in Gorkha. There are several parks in Nepal including Everest Base Camp and Chitwan National Park.

If you plan to visit India, you should contact the travel agency and ask them to find an affordable travel package. The travel package will includes all the necessary services. The tour guide will bring you to different tourist attractions so that you can learn more about India. It is advised that you book your accommodation at India in advanced. You should ask the representative. Booking your accommodation at the last minute can cause a lot of problems, especially during a peak season.

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